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QSR Initiatives aim to encourage queer modes of research, discovery, creation, and healing at Stanford, providing dedicated time and space for co-sensorial doing, making & being beyond the boundaries of institutional norms and imperatives.

Queer Learning Initiative (QLI)

A laboratory for new pedagogies informed by contemporary LGBTQ+ praxis, QLI draws on cross-disciplinary work from a range of fields, introducing participants to queer learning methods which emphasize play over performance, subverting conventional teacher-student binaries.  Featuring a changing roster of guest researchers, guides and  practitioners, these encounters are open to all, free of charge, free of credits and free of evaluation.

Queer Arts Initiative (QAI)

Taking art practices as essentially queer methods for connection, creation, discovery, transformation and modes of knowing altogether fundamental to human flourishing, QAI workshops, happenings, studios and performances provide opportunities for the making and sharing of work in a range of media and with a range of invited guests.  QAI aims to provide a playground in which any student might explore the creative cultures making up and surrounding the Stanford campus, without barriers to access.

Wellness @ QSpot

QSR understands wellness to encompass many organically interlinked modalities, among them the emotional, the physical, the spiritual and the social.   Wellness @  QSpot provides community experiences promoting wellbeing (including community healing services and wellness education events) so as to deepen shared understandings of what wellness can mean and look like at Stanford.