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Hey everyone! We're completely online now. Come join us? IG @queerstudentresources Facebook @StanfordQSR Can't wait to connect  with you. :) QSR


Hi everyone,

QSR is completely online now. Come join us? We’re on IG (@queerstudentresources), Facebook (@StanfordQSR), and More specific information below if you want to keep scrolling. Either way, we got you.

We look forward to connecting with you. :)

If you want to talk 
We (QSR Directors) are available for video, phone, and text chats. Email us to schedule an appointment at

If you want to hang out with QSR Student Staff

  • Daily virtual Qspot hang-outs – more details soon!

If you want to share virtual space with people of shared identities

If you want to connect with other grad students

If you want to chill, heal, and recharge

If you want to know more about this quarter’s Gender Liberation and Awareness Month preview events

If you want to find out what else is happening at QSpot

If you want to work at QSR next year

  • Applications are open to undergrad and grad students! Apps due 4/8 @ 8pm PST. >>> <<<

If you need financial support to help with your health and wellbeing with respect to your gender and/or sexuality 

  • QT Umbrella Assistance Fund – QSR and Weiland created this fund to help support students cover the costs of mental health counseling, gender affirmative medical services, legal services associated with changing gender markers, and other expenses. Applications will be accepted weeks 4-6. More info at:

If you want to talk to a therapist 

  • Weiland Health Initiative (within California) – Weiland Health Initiative continues to provide virtual drop-in hours called Weiland Connects, brief individual therapy through Zoom, and virtual hormone replacement consultations. At this time, they are only licensed to provide these clinical services to students currently in California. Use Vaden Patient Portal to sign up for virutal Weiland Connects session. 
  • Weiland Health Initiative (outside California) - If you are outside of California, Weiland staff are currently offering 15-20 minute phone check-ins; not true therapy, but rather, a short phone conversation to see how you are doing. They may also be able to help students out of California get connected with local providers. For more information, check their webpage at or email Weiland's Director, Inge Hansen, at

If you want to talk to a peer 

With care, 
QSR Directors