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QSR Programming

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QSR offers a range of programming to nurture and cultivate queer cultures on campus.

QSR offers a range of programming, including affinity groups for Black queer and trans students (Blk QTs), queer and trans people of color (QTPOC Kickback), and students who currently identify or have identified with the Islamic faith and/or community (QueerSalam); spaces for community healing (Wellness @ QSpot), artistic practice and creativity (Queer Arts Initiative), queer pedagogies and research praxis (Queer Learning Initiative) and dreaming of radically different futures (Queer Futures Project); collaborative groups celebrating the intersections of faith and LGBTQIA+ identity (Queer Refuge); community spaces for trans people (Trans&); and resources helping queer, trans and non-binary students survive and, ideally, flourish at Stanford (QT Umbrella Fund, a collaboration with Weiland Health Initiative).

Affinity Groups

QSR affinity groups are dedicated spaces designed to bring people together for nurturing, regeneration and learning; to explore shared identities; and to build queer communities at Stanford. Our affinity groups host regular meetings throughout the quarter: some are informal gatherings, some are workshops or seminars and some feature special invited guests, performers or speakers.


QSR Initiatives aim to encourage queer modes of research, discovery, creation, and healing at Stanford, providing dedicated time and space for co-sensorial doing, making & being beyond the boundaries of institutional norms and imperatives.

Main Quad, 2022. Credit: Micaela Go

New Student Orientation

Queer Student Resources (QSR) is excited to welcome the incoming class & transfers to The Farm!

Parents look over a students guide to Stanford map. Credit: Andrew Brodhead /

Family Weekend

Family Weekend is an annual event held to provide families of current undergraduates a glimpse into their student's life and experience at Stanford University.

Commencement, 2023. Credit: Nikolas Liepins / Ethography


Graduation weekend is filled with a plethora of celebrations and ceremonies.  In place of a dedicated ceremony, QSR offers community celebrations honoring graduates as well as exclusive graduation tote bags filled with multiple ways to celebrate your pride, during commencement and beyond.