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Terra House is the unofficial LGBTQ+-themed co-op on campus and hosts frequent community events including a quarterly all- campus party, weekly happy hours and a weekly event series on LGBTQ+ issues. Terra is a 54-person co-op located in the Cowell Cluster that serves student-cooked dinner Sunday-Friday and has a well-stocked open kitchen that's conducive to amazing meals and delicious baked goods, any time of day. Usually around 50-60% of residents are LGBTQ-identified and many informal LGBTQ-Allied community events take place here. Terra is also one of campus' most ethnically and racially diverse residences. Residents bring a diverse set of experiences and interests to the house year after year, and amidst numerous events, parties, jobs, meals, and get-togethers, the sense of community is tangible. Terra officially offers gender-neutral rooms and restrooms, and all residents live in identical two-room doubles.