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All gender symbols. Credit: swasdee / iStock

All Gender Restrooms

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Recently more and more buildings, residences and offices at Stanford have added gender-inclusive restrooms. Most of these are single-stall restrooms, though new efforts are underway to designate multi-stall restrooms with enhanced privacy features as gender-inclusive restrooms. 

Stanford Affiliate 

  • Visit the campus map
  • Click on Stanford Login 
  • Enter your credential and necessary passcodes 
  • On the left hand side of the screen, select the drop down menu for Life on Campus
  • Scroll down and check the box for All-Gender Restrooms
  • The map should auto-populate with the locations of available all-gender restrooms 
  • To find where the restroom is located in the building and more information select the restroom icon you wish to explore further 

Stanford Visitor 

  • Visit the campus map
  • Click on continue without login 
  • Left side, on the screen, locate the Public Bathroom field and check the box 
  • Once this is checked, all public restrooms on campus will be displayed for your convenience
  • To find where the restroom is located within the building and if it's an all-gender restroom, "click" the restroom icon on the map and a pop-up” will appear