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CRC Fellowships

Queer Student Resources fellowships are open to undergraduate and graduate students alike. They are designed by students with the purpose of connecting diverse facets of the campus community with one another. Bringing intersecting identities together with shared ownership of the space in the Firetruck House is at the heart of these fellows' work. See past fellowships below:

If you are a student with an idea you'd like to think about developing into a fellowship, contact the director at

Interfaith Dialogues CRC Fellowship (16-17)

This fellowship explored the boundaries of faith, identitiy, belief, and tradition. Fellows coordinate celebrations like Holi, Shabbat, Diwali, Iftars, Kwaanza, Easter, to name just a few, as well as practices like meditation and reflection. Inter-faith dialogues bring these shared community events to the 2nd floor Firetruck House center space.

For students interested in continuing the work of interfaith dialogues, see:

Accessibility & Belonging CRC Fellowship (16-17)

This fellowship was designed to think about what access means and how it differs from student to student. Fellows performed outreach across campus to better understand how the center can continue to evolve as a warm and welcoming space for all.

Students interested in creating connections across the campus community should reach out to the QuEST team at