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Well-Being at Stanford

Well-Being at Stanford is an office on campus, located at Kingscote Gardens, and our website offers a number of resources related to attaining and maintaining holistic well-being. We primarily support students but also offer some resources for post-docs, faculty and staff. 

Find more information about Well-Being at our webpage: Well-Being at Stanford

Everyone craves a sense of belonging, meaning and purpose.  We all want to be happy and fulfilled.  But how can we skillfully balance the challenges of our complex, demanding lives, the academic challenges at Stanford and the desire to belong?

Developing well-being is an active lifelong process of making choices that lead toward a healthy, fulfilling and meaningful life. Rather than the mere absence of disease or infirmity, well-being is about flourishing in multiple domains, including physical, emotional, and social. 

Well-Being at Stanford helps you cultivate the knowledge and life skills to live a healthy, vibrant lifestyle, manage stress, build resilience, and ensure positive interactions.

Here are some resources that Well-Being at Stanford offers: 

Apply for a student wellness mini-grant to make your innovative wellness idea a reality!

Request a well-being workshop or training for your dorm

Connect with a well-being coach