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In the mid-1970s, a group of Stanford students started the “Contraceptive Information Center,” located in the Fire Truck House.  Soon, the group moved to Cowell, with a branch at the Fire Truck House, called “Ye Olde Safer Sex Shoppe.”  In the mid-1990s, in response to a need to educate students about the AIDS epidemic, the group broadened its mission from contraception to a full range of sexual health topics, and the the SHPRC was formed.

The SHPRC is Stanford’s Sexual Health Peer Resource Center, a student-run, one-stop shop for safer sex supplies, sex toys, sexual health counseling, and more! The mission is to promote sexual health and healthy relationships across campus. The SHPRC carries a wide variety of condoms, lube, and toys for all sexes and genders as well as pregnancy tests as well as an extensive lending library filled with books about sex, sexuality, and sexual health/wellness.

The SHPRC located on the second floor of Vaden Health Center, and is open from 12–6pm (Monday–Thursday) and 12-5pm (Friday).