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Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) is the university’s counseling center dedicated to student mental health and well-being. As specialists working with undergraduate and graduate students, we work to address your needs through an initial CAPS phone screen appointment.

CAPS provides a broad range of services including

  • crisis counseling
  • individual therapy
  • medication assessment and management
  • group therapy
  • couples counseling

These services are provided by a diverse and multicultural professional staff. Many services are available without additional charge for students who have paid the Campus Health Service Fee. In addition to clinical services, CAPS supports programs to promote mental health, emotional resilience, and wellness throughout the campus community. Counselors work with students and parents during orientation, teach classes on campus, present at health and wellness events, visit student housing and community centers, and consult with faculty and staff in every academic department.

To make an appointment, visit:…


CAPS and Terra are pleased to announce weekly drop-in hours for members of the LGBTQIA community at Terra, Thursdays 4-6. Appointments will be in the game room at Terra across from the computer cluster. Additional GSI consult hours are available at CAPS Wed 2-4.

Appointments can be made online through by choosing “Gender and Sexual Identities (GSI) drop-in” and then “Terra” as the location.

Suicide Prevention

College years can be stressful for many students. As a fellow student, faculty, or staff member, you may be the first to recognize when someone needs help. In this role, you are often the one who can guide that student to professional resources. For life threatening emergencies, call for immediate help or go to nearest hospital emergency room. Call 911 (or 9-911 from an on-campus phone).

For assisting students in distress, visit Vaden's clearing house of information. For training in suicide prevention, click here. For more thoughts, click here.


Weiland Health Initiative

Weiland prides itself in centering queer experiences within all of its clinical services- be it collaborative individual therapy, consults for gender based-care such as hormones or surgery, issue-specific group programming, or drop-in community hours. Through our affirming and intersectional services, we hope to help you in your journey towards acceptance as you ground yourself in your truth. With multi-dimensional support and tailored resources, we strive to empower you as you explore your expansive possibility.

If you want to talk to a therapist

  • Weiland Health Initiative (within California) – Weiland Health Initiative continues to provide virtual drop-in hours called Weiland Connects, brief individual therapy through Zoom, and virtual hormone replacement consultations. At this time, they are only licensed to provide these clinical services to students currently in California. 

Use Vaden Patient Portal to sign up for virutal Weiland Connects session:

  • Weiland Health Initiative (outside California) - If you are outside of California, Weiland staff are currently offering 15-20 minute phone check-ins; not true therapy, but rather, a short phone conversation to see how you are doing. They may also be able to help students out of California get connected with local providers.

For more information, check their webpage at or email Weiland's Director, Inge Hansen, at