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Queer Events and Services Team

Queer Events and Services Team (QuEST)

QuEST consultants help students, faculty & staff make their ideas a reality. Consultants provide in-depth knowledge of campus resources to support a wide range of student-driven activities that are fun, friendly and identity-affirming for Stanford's diverse community. QuEST helps students navigate resources offered by the Associated Students of Stanford University (ASSU), Student Activities Leadership (SAL), the offices of the president and provost and other administrative bodies. They liaise with Stanford PRIDE for a wonderful homecoming event every year. They always know the latest with queer voluntary student organizations (QVSOs) on campus. Funding can be provided only via a journal transfer to a department or to registered ASSU student groups.

Already affiliated with the ASSU as a student group? Click here to request funding. Or are you an individual with an idea? Click here to ask a QuEST consultant to introduce you to a student organization. 

What we can offer:

  • the active collaboration with student staff, interns, and fellows
  • the possibility of hiring and supervise your own interns or student assistants
  • use of the second floor space in the Firetruck House
  • funding on a one time or annual basis

What we need from you to begin:

  • abstract describing the program or initiative
  • a budget & PTA
  • agreement to use the queer community resources logo on all promotion & advertising
  • post-facto reflection, analysis, or assessment